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At ON THE SPOT we are
total pet lovers
and love to pamper your pets!

Don't worry all of our products are all natural!!

We offer a full range of services for your pet:

Our services include the following for DOGS:

- Hair pad removal
- Cleaning Ears
Adorable Boxer doggy with big sad eyes and doggy treat on his nose.
- Trimming & Filing nails smooth
- Expressing Anal Glands (If needed)
- Brush out
- Hydro massage Bath
- Blow Dry
- Clip & Scissor Cut

  • Small Breed Dogs- $70-75

  • Medium Breed Dogs - $80-85

  • Large Breed Dogs - $90-100
    (Prices based on short vs. long hair breeds & time it takes to groom. Please see below for dogs requiring de-matting for pricing)

  • Giant Breed Dogs - $110 & Up
    -examples St. Bernard, Great Pyrenees, Irish Wolfhound

For the pampered CAT in your life we offer:Lion cut - Before & After

- Lion cuts - $125 & up

Additional Services:
  • De-shedding program w/Furminator - $10-25 extra (due to the amount of time it takes)
  • Fancy Scissor Cutting ( call for a quote)
  • De-matting - starts at $75 then $40 each additional hour
  • Flea & Tick Programs available :
    -Flea Shampoo $5 extra
    -Capstar pills $10 each (safe for puppies 8 weeks & up)
    -Monthly flea treatment (Advantage, Frontline based on brand/size of dog)
  • Brushing teeth - $10 per dog (owner to provide tooth brush)
  • Blueberry Deep Cleansing Facial - $5

*All posted prices are estimates. Final cost of services depends on total time required to groom pet, pet's temperament, and conditions that require additional effort by groomer. Double coated breeds, etc... See Moreg. Chows, Goldens, Huskies, etc. often require extra groom time and additional cost.


To avoid a cancelation fee, appointments must be canceled 24 hours prior to appointment!